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Tuesday Jan 05, 2021

Is there a magic date on which New Year resolutions are laid to rest? What are the most common resolutions women make and how can you increase your chances of achieving your resolutions?
Coach Kerri Bishop discusses the differences between resolutions and goals and how you can be more likely to achieve both by this time next year.

Friday Jan 01, 2021

2020 was a tough year! Many hoped the turn of a calendar page or a positive election result would magically trade 2020 in for a better year.
Some wanted to burn 2020 completely to the ground.
That's part of our throw away culture. When we don't like something, we toss it and get another, but what happens when that's not possible, like when we lose a year? 
Join coach Kerri Bishop to explore what can be taken from 2020 into 2021.

Monday Dec 21, 2020

We have such high hopes for the Christmas season, but the holidays often trigger trauma and become some of the hardest we'll go through making us feel completely alone and dejected.
In this episode, Kerri talks about her love for Christmas and how that compounded the awful feelings she experienced in this season.
This is not your typical how-to-over-come-depression lecture. Kerri is an upbeat coach with a faith-centered belief that we can overcome adversity and rise victorious! 

Monday Dec 07, 2020

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we need to be prepared for anything!
In this episode, women's life coach Kerri Bishop talks about 3 situations we need to prepare for (Expected, Anticipated, and Out-of-the-Blue-Knock-You-on-Your-Butt situations). She then gives 7 steps you can take today to prepare for anything life throws at you.
Let's do this!

Monday Dec 07, 2020

Welcome to Strahlen Grace Coaching - Leading Women to Victory, Not Victimhood!
Abuse. Sudden divorce. Pregnant and alone. Single Mom of 5 Boys!
Join ICF Life Coach and Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach Kerri on her journey to overcomer coaching and the philosophy that helps her teach women skills needed to embrace the fact that life is Good - Let's do this!
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